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Our goal at National Bird Designs, Inc. is and always will be 100% customer satisfaction.  We appreciate your continued success with the use of our products.  We also appreciate your kind mention and referral of our products to your friends and fellow fanciers.  We would like to preface our TESTIMONIALS AND ENDORSEMENTS Page with an article that has a rather interesting view of "Customer Satisfaction" which appeared in an e-mail we received from, Sales & Marketing Management Magazine.


The Myth of Customer Satisfaction
It's not what drives sales

How satisfied are your customers? A new study by Bain and Company reveals that it just doesn't matter. Companies that are measuring customer satisfaction as a predictor of sales growth are barking up the wrong tree, says Frederick Reichheld, director emeritus of Bain and coauthor of the study "Net Promoters." While happy customers are a good thing, they are not the primary driver of sales growth.

"A Bain team looked at the correlation between growth and customer satisfaction and found there is none," Reichheld says. "Our research indicates that customer-satisfaction numbers fail to show a consistent correlation with actual customer behavior and growth. Many companies have benefited from measuring customer retention, which profits a vital link to profits. Yet, measuring what we call "net promoters" -- the percentage of customers who are promoters minus the percentage who are detractors -- is even more accurate and makes the economics of retention more practical and achievable."

So, what really drives growth?

* Promoters. This is the category of customer that would recommend your company to a friend. Beyond just personally satisfied, this customer is willing to go out on a limb and promote your good or service to another. Bain research showed the willingness to recommend is a far more important predictor of sales growth than ordinary customer satisfaction.

* Nine's and 10s. On a scale of one to 10, only ratings of nine or 10 have significant positive impact on your company. These are the customers most likely to recommend your good or service to another. Lower ratings, while they may seem okay, are not generating benefits to the firm, Bain research shows.

* Few 6 and unders. One a scale of one to 10, any ratings below six are a danger sign. These customers are not just dissatisfied; they are the kind who are likely to complain and to pass on their complaints to other potential customers.

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We would like at this time to extend a most sincere and heartfelt thank you to the Doctors who have either done a scientific study and/or use this probiotic in their practice as well as each and every one of the great people who not only purchased our product but who had the courage to "go out on a limb" by allowing the use of their good name to promote this new probiotic called AVI-CULTURE-2-PLUS  , AVI-CULTURE-2 and the original AVI-CULTURE®!




7278 N. Milwaukee Avenue, Niles, IL 60714 USA
Phone: 1-847-647-9325 Fax: 1-847-647-8498
URL: www.nilesanimalhospital.com


Veterinarian, DVM

Peter S. Sakas received his BA (Bachelor of Arts) degree in biology from Northwestern University in 1974. He then traveled to Auburn University in Alabama and pursued his MS (Master of Science) degree in Zoology-Entomology which he achieved in 1979. While at Auburn, he studied the immune response of dogs with canine heartworm disease in conjunction with the Auburn University College of Veterinary Medicine. He presented his Master’s research findings at regional and national parasitological association meetings. In addition he helped develop a test for the detection of occult heartworm disease in dogs and cats which led to a publication in the Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association (JAVMA).

While a graduate student at Auburn University, he received a teaching assistantship and assisted in General Biology, Animal Biology and Cell Biology classes for four years. He was named to a faculty position at Auburn University as a lecture instructor in Animal Biology during the 1978-79 school year where he taught classes of 75-150 students. He was also very involved with youth sports, coaching teams in football, basketball, and baseball while at Auburn.

Despite his success at Auburn University, his lifelong goal was to become a veterinarian and his graduate school experience was a stepping stone to realize that dream. He gained acceptance into the University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine where he began classes in the fall of 1979 and received his DVM (Doctor of Veterinary Medicine) in 1983. He received a research assistantship while in veterinary college and began conducting his diagnostic test for occult heartworm disease, which had been utilized at Auburn University. In 1981, he conducted a Veterinary College-wide survey of the student body, dealing with stress in veterinary students. He presented his findings to the American Veterinary Medical Association national convention in St. Louis that year.

He has been involved with Niles Animal Hospital since 1980 when he began working as a student extern at the hospital under the direction of the noted avian veterinarian Dr. T. J. Lafeber. He worked at Niles whenever he was on break from college through his years in veterinary school. Dr. Sakas became a staff veterinarian upon graduation in 1983 and Dr. Lafeber groomed him to be his successor. He bought the practice from Dr. Lafeber when he retired in 1985 and has owned it since then.

Dr. Sakas lectures frequently to veterinary associations, veterinary colleges, bird clubs, wildlife organizations and avicultural groups. He has lectured at University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine for over 23 years conducting various guest lectures and labs in avian medicine. He has also lectured at Veterinary Colleges in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa (Iowa State), Indiana ( Purdue) and Ohio (Ohio State). He regularly lectures at Parkland College about avian medicine for the veterinary technician students. He has lectured at national and regional veterinary meetings including the AVMA ( American Veterinary Medical Association), SCAVMA (Student Chapter of AVMA) Convention, AAHA (American Animal Hospital Association), Missouri State Veterinary Association, Wisconsin State Veterinary Association, Minnesota State Veterinary Association and others. He regularly lectures to bird clubs and aviculture conventions locally, throughout the Midwest and nationally. He has also lectured at the International Wildlife Rehabilitator Association Meetings and conducted wet labs (hands on experience for attendees).

Dr. Sakas is dedicated to education and has been actively involved with local high schools and their practicum programs, whereby student get experiences in field of their interest. These students are able to spend time at the practice and see what is involved with a career in veterinary medicine. He frequently will speak at career day programs at various junior high schools and high schools as well. He also allows student to spend time “job shadowing” him.

Dr. Sakas has written numerous articles related to various aspects of dog/cat care, wildlife, avian medicine and pet bird care. He contributes to various bird club question and answer sections or articles for their newsletter. Many of his articles can be viewed on a wide variety of avicultural web sites as well. He has authored the avian section of the American Animal Hospital Association’s publication. Exotic Formulary. He is also authored the book, Essentials of Avian Medicine. A Guide for Practitioners Second Edition ( 2002), also published by AAHA. He has contributed to other avian books as well. He was on the editorial board for Veterinary Forum Magazine and was a contributor for Pet Veterinarian Magazine. He also is a regular columnist for a local newspaper with columns covering a wide range of pet related topics.

He has served ( and is still serving) on the boards of several veterinary organizations and has held directorships for various humane and wildlife associations. He is on the advisory board for Phi Kappa Psi Fraternity at Northwestern University and is the editor of the alumni newsletter. He is active in various community activities, including serving as a Little League Manager for several years. He is married with a daughter and a son. His household is controlled pandemonium with eleven pets, including dogs, cats and birds.

Click on the thumbnail below to read his endorsement of AVI-CULTURE-2

AviCulture 2-PLUS Letter.pdf



Dr. Gianluca Todisco, has a degree in Veterinary Medicine and specializes in the Physiopathology of Reproduction focusing on domestic animals.  He also has a Ph.D. in Biotechnology of Reproduction from the University of Teramo. He has always had and continues to have a keen interest in the birds, particularly Finches and, by the age of 12 years, with great passion dedicated himself to the breeding of canaries focusing on quality of feather, shape and position. Everyday, from his farm and aviary he draws inspiration for new protocols of action aimed at improving the health management and their overall care with continued research and study.  So far the results are very encouraging. 

It is with great pleasure that I present to you the only official scientific study conducted by a veterinarian of his status on a probiotic which would be the new blend of the 8-strain, allergen-free and GMO-free probiotic by National Bird Designs, Inc. made in the United States!

The title of the study is:



 by Dr Gianluca Todisco, DVM, PhD – Italy

Dr Gianluca Todisco
Medico Veterinario, PhD 
Specialista in Fisiopatologia della Riproduzione degli Animali Domestici

Dottore di Ricerca in Biotecnologie della Riproduzione

Click on the thumbnail below to read his study of  AVI-CULTURE-2




Kev Stoakes - Champion Exhibition Gloster Canary Breeder & Judge located in the UK. : Below is a photo of Kev Stoakes along with photos showing but a mere sampling of his many awards and Champion Glosters for you to review.

KEV WRITES: "It is now a year since I started using Avi-culture probiotic for my exhibition Gloster Fancy Canaries. I am pleased to report that the use of Avi-culture appears to have been beneficial, most noticeably in the strength and vitality of the weaned youngsters." ...read the rest of his testimonial by clicking on his Gloster below:

Click Here to view Kev's full testimonials in Adobe PDF format.

To learn more about this successful Gloster breeder & exhibitor here is his contact info:

Kevin Stoakes
E-mail: kevinstoakes@msn.com
Web site:  http://kevstoakesgloster.tripod.com/


Geoff B. R. Walker - Champion Exhibition Colorbred Canary Breeder, Judge, Exhibitor & Author located in the UK. Geoff Walker is the former Chairman of the Canary Colour Breeders Association, a member of the Executive Council of Aviculture and not only an International Judge known the world over, he is also on the judges' panel of the OMJ of COM (Ordre Mondial des Juges of the COM), having judged the World Championship Show on many occasions. He is the author of the book of Colored Canaries as well as the first and second edition of the Coloured, Type & Song Canaries, A Complete Guide, both books are respected all over the world and are considered the most authoritative books ever written to date on canaries.

"Hi Don,

I thought that I should update you on my initial experiences with Avi-culture.

I started using it as part of my pre breeding season programme, in place of the product I normally use.

Things progressed as normal, and my hens in general set about their tasks as I would expect.

The difference that I have noticed however is with the usual 4 or 5 hens that inevitably lose condition during the winter. These types of hens as you will be aware, do not display any definable symptoms of disease but inevitably never come into breeding condition and do not react to antibiotics or any other treatment.

Much to my surprise and delight I am able to report that having continued giving them Avi-culture, all of them have now built nests, laid eggs, and either have chicks or are sitting.

I cannot of course be absolutely sure that it is the Avi-culture that has brought about this occurrence, but given that nothing else in my husbandry has changed, it is highly probable that this is the reason for my good luck.

I will try to keep you informed of progress as the season unfolds.

Best wishes,
Geoff Walker"


Robert McGuire - Champion Exhibition American Singer Canary Breeder located in Arizona, USA. Robert is well-known in canary circles both here in America as well as overseas for his many accomplishments over the last 20 years, among them being: President of NIROC (National Institute of Red Orange Canaries & Other Birds) for 12 years, Being in the fancy since 1984, proud recipient and owner of 2 Kellogg Trophies and Acknowledged Master Breeder by the American Singer National Club.


We have been using Avi-culture in our bird room this year with a marked improvement in our birds. Would recommend its use to all in the fancy new or old.

Bob McGuire
Prescott Valley, Arizona 86314"

Click on these
to enlarge
the image

Tony Ruiz - 2009 Champion Exhibition Yorkshire Canary Breeder from Illinois, USA who has won more awards for his Yorkshire Canaries in America than any other breeder in the history of exhibitions here! He is also the USA Representative to the Yorkshire Canary Club of England and the President of the YCCA (Yorkshire Canary Club of America).

"Hi Don,

I thought I would send you this note, to thank you for your help with my birds and my web site! I also wanted to let you know how very impressed I am with the Avi- Culture.

I use it on my birds on a regular basis to keep them healthy, like I said in our last phone conversation!

The birds I imported last fall were held at the quarantine station for an additional 8 weeks due to the out break of NewCastle disease in a few of the states. At the time of release they were in terrible condition and I thought they would not even make it home. I immediately started them on Avi-Culture and within a few days the birds started to show improvement.

After about 8 weeks of treatment some of the hens came into breeding condition and I produced youngsters from them. I can only attribute this to the use of the Avi-culture because it’s the only product I used that was different from what they were raised on.

I use Avi-culture with the confidence, knowing that it will not hurt my birds. It can only help! Especially after the use of antibiotics.

The fact that they can’t be over dosed on Avi-culture is a big plus.

As you know, I have used Avi-culture for a long time and I would highly recommend it to anyone keeping any species of birds and in any type of environment.

I have found that as recommended the best time to use the Avi-culture is at time of stress. For me it is especially useful at show time! I think this is one of the most stressful times for birds because they are completely out of the environment in which they are kept.

I also attribute my winning 3 Kellogg’s and 6 Best at the National not to mention, numerous local shows, where my Yorkshires have won Best in Show, to the use of Avi-culture helping me keep my Yorkshire in peak condition and in good health.

Best of luck with your product!

Yours in the fancy,
Tony Ruiz


Jim Schwall - Champion Exhibition Canary Breeder from Michigan, USA who has been raising Canaries of all types for quite a few years and is very involved with avian organizations all around the country.

"Hi Don,

To answer your question about probiotics, I'm still very happy using them, (I have to say because of a few, I receive no compensation from Don or anybody else for this statement), just a good product. I have not lost any birds by going light, the molt seems to be going very fast. I have Bronze that had feathers one day, three - four days later the cage bottom was full, with the new ones right behind. Over all health is excellent.



Barry Benson - Is a "Good Ol' Southern Boy" in the USA as well as a Champion Exhibition Canary Breeder who has been involved with raising canaries for a good many years, focusing on Colorbred Canaries.

"Hi Don,

To answer your question about probiotics, I'm still very happy using them, (I have to say because of a few, I receive no compensation from Don or anybody else for this statement), just a good product. I have not lost any birds by going light, the molt seems to be going very fast. I have Bronze that had feathers one day, three - four days later the cage bottom was full, with the new ones right behind. Over all health is excellent.

I have used this probiotic with good results as well. I had an earlier problem with loose feces in my Canary flock that The Avi-Culture solved quickly for me. Since it's in dry powder form, it worked well in both water applications and in the nestling food. I intend to continue its use this coming season.

Regards, Barry"


Chris Chrystal - Has been raising Canaries for some time in the USA and from some of his e-mails, he certainly enjoys the hobby!

"Dear Don,

I am so very thankful for you and your Avi-Culture product. Last year I was devastated to see my canaries dying, one after another. I was at the point that I was going to get out of the "bird business" altogether.

Finally concluding (after much trail and tribulation) that a bacteria infection had caused this "plague", I found an anti-biotic that seemed to "stop the bleeding". But, I knew that this was just a "band aid" on the problem.

Then, after much research, I came across the Internet site for Avi-Culture, a probiotic developed just for birds. So many of the other products on the market are geared for "all mammals" and not avian specific.

Since using Avi-Culture, I have had great success! No more epidemic! My birds all appear lively and are very healthy looking. I now use Avi-Culture daily during the breeding season and I plan to continue using it two-to-three times weekly thereafter.

I highly recommend this product to help promote and maintain healthy birds.

Chris Chrystal"


Neil Riveron - And his entire family have been raising & enjoying Canaries for too many years to mention in California, USA! Here he is in his birdroom with a 20 ounce bottle of AVI-CULTURE™. Here is a photo of a few of his many show wins and a link to his great website!

"Hello Don and Canary Enthusiasts,

It's been about 4 months since you sent me a 20 ounce bottle of Avi-culture probiotic. And all I can say is, thank you!

I was having a real problem in my birdroom this breeding season as have others I talked to who breed and show color canaries. I could not pinpoint the problem I was having or that they were having. I did not raise the quantities I usually raise and neither did these other people.

I feed the best foods and give my birds a great environment as you can see from the pictures on my website. But something was not quite right. I gave you a call and you took the time to discuss the various possibilities that could have been the cause of my problem in the birdroom.

What you said made a lot of sense to me. What good is it to feed the best money can buy if they are not absorbing the nutrients from all the food because of a possible pathogen in the digestive system, you said. It made sense to me. So I ordered some of your probiotic.

I had heard lots of good things about your live, avian-specific probiotic that I said to myself, I was going to try this for the molting season. The only thing I changed in my birdroom this year was the use of your Avi-culture. I want to tell you and everyone with birds that my canaries have developed a beautiful feather and finish! Much better than in years past! And they are very healthy! Even some of the old ones that I thought might not make it through the molt look as if they were youngsters again! I am amazed!

I don't know what else to say other than it looks like Avi-culture is a great product for birds! I highly recommend this product for serious canary breeders and all pet bird owners. This is my probiotic of choice! You can see my birds in the picture I will send you for your website. They are in the background all flying around full of vigor in my huge flights. I am going to continue to use Avi-culture year 'round. I am so excited, I cannot wait until the next breeding season now!

I will let everyone I know about how great your probiotic is!

Thanks a lot Don for this great product!

Your friend in the fancy,

Neil Riveron.


From: "S C" scarr32@HOTMAIL.COM
Sent: Sunday, August 31, 2003 6:13 PM
Subject: [CANARY] Probiotics??

I just want to say thank you to Don, who out of good nature helped me out with a bottle of free Avi-Culture Probiotics.. I have a silver bird that I could not get to keep weight on and he is now doing great... Thanks to the help...

He is now singing again and his breast bone is no longer poking out and sharp..

He is rounded off really good and the only thing I have done different is to feed the probiotic...

Thank you very much Don...


From: rusgy@bellsouth.net
To: DonaldPerez
Sent: Tuesday, April 15, 2003 6:30 PM
Subject: Re: Re: PMS or Premature Mortality Syndrome In Chicks!

I replied because I just save a very good Corona chick with the probiotic you sent me. The bird was fine and the following day was dying. The reason why I saved it. It was because the bird was 25 days old. The bird is already eating and looking like he is going to be well again.



From: reginalibrarian@netscape.net
To: birdmanofillinois@msn.com
Sent: Thursday, March 20, 2003 2:15 PM
Subject: Probiotics

Dear Don,
I was finally able to order your product on my husband's computer at work. I have been feeding the probiotics to my bird for about two day.

My Gloster guy seems to be doing much better, he seems to be chipper and moving about more...

Regina Boe


From: Carol Swinehart
To: birdmanofillinois
Sent: Tuesday, August 12, 2003 11:32 AM
Subject: Re: Avi-culture

I am very new to raising canaries so I've personally been hesitant to recommend anything but I can say that one of my glosters had dark spots where I guess her nose is, & I gave her some Pedialyte & also used the Avi-culture. It was totally cleared up in 2 days! I use it & it seems to working well for my birds.

Carol in NV

Heart of a Lion, Soul of a True Friend

By Christine Esposito

Finches aren’t usually known for being warm and fuzzy pets. Unlike, the bigger pet birds, people don’t often think of them as having a lot of personality. Not so Mr. Joy (aka “Loopie” and “Loop”), a tiny orange weaver whose personality – and bright voice – filled our entire house.  

When Loop’s sweet little buddy, Mr. Peace, passed away, our vet, Dr. Peter Sakas, suggested that I might be able to coax Loop out of his mourning by trying to interact with him more.  Those words changed our lives. Over time, Loopie would step up onto my finger. Then we played games like feather-catch (similar to fetch for dogs but with a floating feather), tug-of-war, keep-away and more. Eventually, he’d let me hold, pet and groom him outside of his cage.

Loop was as cute as a button, peering out from my cupped hands. But he was also a handsome little devil, with his big dark eyes, impressive orange “mane” and velvety black front. 

He was a tough bird, who showed his affection with a small but mighty bite. He could make himself look formidable by puffing up his feathers and looking at least twice his size, something he did often. Not only was he a fierce competitor, he fought back ailment after ailment – from thyroid problems, to arthritis, to sinus and intestinal infections, and more. He was a fighter who had “the heart of a lion,” as Dr. Sakas said.

Loop had the spirit of an artist, too. Our industrious little bird was never finished weaving, ever-tweaking his work here and there with yet another creative surge. He did more than weave; he sculpted. And when he finished a section he was particularly proud of, he peeped at us, so that we would be sure to enthusiastically admire his fine work.  Trying new things – whether a different weaving material or a new sleep spot – was second nature to him. He was a life teacher.

But what I miss most about him after his nearly 20 years on this planet is his friendship. He was always ready to be held when I needed comfort. His antics made me laugh. His love was palpable.  

People say my devotion kept little Loop going for nearly two decades. But I believe there were two other key contributors.  Dr. Sakas and Niles Animal Hospital gave my dear friend extraordinary care over his entire life. And with the ongoing digestive issues he had, I’m convinced his daily dose of Avi-Culture also helped protect him from harm.

I am so grateful for the privilege of knowing and having the time I did with this most amazing and loving little bird.

Loop Surveying His Work

Loop Taking A Break

Busy Weaver Back At Work


My Cockatiels & Canaries Are Looking Great!


Hello Mr. Perez!

         I have been using your product, Avi-Culture, for almost a year now. I would not want to be without it! I am a small hobby breeder of canaries and I give them Avi-Culture all year around. I like to play it safe! My canaries have remained very active and healthy and produced healthy chicks in abundance last season. When people come to my house to buy a canary they remark on their beauty and singing. I attribute this success to your product and recommend it to all my buyers. I also have two cockatiels that I adore and they also get the Avi-Culture. They, too, have beautiful feathers and are very healthy, active birds. Again, I attribute this to your product. I have seen other cockatiels who do not receive Avi-Culture and the difference in their feathering and general appearance is remarkable. I am enclosing pictures of my beauties...Carson and Nicholas.

The little girl in the one picture is my Granddaughter, Jordyn. Carson is a Cinnamon Pearl Pied and Nicholas is a Lutino.

 Also a picture of one of my beautiful canaries with her baby peeking out from under her.

      I also want to thank you for graciously answering all of my questions that I had before and after I purchased your product. You were very helpful and I appreciate that. I certainly plan on using the Avi-Culture for as long as I have birds. I would recommend this product to anyone who has one bird or an aviary full of many birds.

     Your new product...the Avi-Feeder...looks like a terrific feeder. I love it! I have not purchased one yet but I hope to do so in the near future. Take care now! Happy birding and have a great day!

Roxanne Alleman

Mechanicsburg, Pa 


Click on the
to enlarge
the letter


7278 N. Milwaukee Avenue, Niles, IL 60714 USA
Phone: 1-847-647-9325 Fax: 1-847-647-8498
URL: www.nilesanimalhospital.com

Dr. Sakas's career in veterinary medicine began with completing a BA in Biology at Northwestern University in 1974 and an MS in Immunology/Parasitology from Auburn University in 1979. His work and research in immune response of dogs to canine heartworm disease was used to develop a diagnostic test still used today in the detection in occult heartworm disease in canine and feline patients. While working toward his Masters Degree, he worked as a teaching assistant, which lead to his position with Auburn University as a General Biology instructor.

A change of interests led Dr. Sakas to Veterinary School at the University of Illinois. While still a student at University of Illinois, Dr. Sakas began working with Dr. Lafeber in 1980 as a student intern. Dr. Sakas and Dr. Lafeber developed a friendship and personal mentoring relationship which continued through Dr. Sakas's graduation from vet school in 1983, which led to the acceptance of a staff veterinarian position with Niles Animal Hospital and Bird Medical Center. In 1985, Dr. Sakas became the owner and hospital director at Niles Animal Hospital when Dr. Lafeber retired.

Currently, Niles Animal Hospital and Bird Medical Center has four full time and 1 part time veterinarian. Our current clientele of over 20,000 ranges over many states and with approximately 60% of the patients being avian, reptilian, rabbits, small exotic mammals and birds of prey. Although our special interests continue to evolve in non-contemporary companion animal care, we still love our canine and feline patients.



National Bird Designs, Inc.TM
All rights reserved.